Blu-ray trilogy box release of "MS Gundam" theatrical anime in deluxe edition. Includes "MS Gundam", "MS Gundam Soldiers of Sorrow" and "MS Gundam III - Encounters in Space" in original and special edition (5.1ch sound). Also comes with "Movie Archive" containing 10th anniversary footage "All That Gundam," 20th anniversary footage "The Impression of First Gundam," and 30th anniversary footage "Ring of Gundam / Gundam Perfect Mission," trailer, data archive (storyboard, script) and more on 2 Blu-ray discs.. Includes Memorial Album book (200 pages), pamphlet (3 booklets), 2 press sheets (only movie 1 and 3) and 3 flyers. Box and bonus disc jackets were illustrated by Hajime Kakitoki, the inner jacket by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko and the poster by Kunio Okawara (illustration do not differ in regular edition).