French Kiss brings the first and the last album with 12 songs total (subject to change), including "Zutto Mae Kara (1st single)," "If (2nd single)," "Kakko Warui I Love you! (3rd single)," "Saisho no Mail (4th single)," "Romance Privacy (5th single)," "Omoidasenai Hana (6th single)," a new single, and five songs selected by Asuka Kuramochi. This edition includes a bonus DVD with music video(s) with audio commentary by the members. In addition, this edition features interchangeable cover artwork (C) and pictured-label (C) on CD surface. *Cover artworks corresponding to all the editions are different from each other. [Bonus Offer] We will send a special sleeve case to house six CDs to customers who purchase all the six editions of the album in one order on a first-come-first-served basis: Limited Edition Type A, B, C (AVCD-93296, AVCD-93297, AVCD-93298) and Regular Edition Type A, B, C (AVCD-93299, AVCD-93300, AVCD-93301).