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Ayumi Hamasaki

excellent album 5

Marvelous 3rd album from Ayu. Incredib?es songs like "vogue", "End of the world", "Audience" or "Far Away".

Exellent album 5

Un tres bon album contenant des bombes Comme SURREAL, SCAR et KEY. Il y a d'autres bonnes chansons. Je comprends pourquoi cet album est un BEST SELLER.Un album indispensable!

Very good 5

I love this album because it contain bomb's song like SURREAL, SCAR and Key. All songs are very good. A best seller.

One of the best albums ever 5

This albums is one of my ultimate favorite albums of all times. All twelve songs are very enjoyable and fun. Even after nine years, they still seem to be fresh. This is one of the albums that I listen to time and time again.

A Masterpiece that Transcends Time 4

It is no surprise why this is her best selling album or why it held onto the top Oricon spot for four consecutive weeks. Following up "LOVEppears", this album maintains the same level of quality we've been getting from Ayu. Everything about this album from the eye-catching jacket art to the songs themselves are of the highest quality. Her hit trio of singles known as "The Trilogy" are included here. Songs like "vogue" and "SEASONS" rank among her highest selling singles, with "SEASONS" actually being her 2nd highest selling single. It also happens to be my second favorite song from her and the first song I ever learned to sing from her. What makes this album so special and stand out are two other songs on this album I'd specifically like to call attention to: "SURREAL" and "AUDIENCE". "SURREAL" happened to be released on the same day as "Duty", so it is really another single included on here. I believe it may be the best song she has ever made and as such, it holds a very special place in my heart for the message it conveys. "AUDIENCE" would later be recut, calling attention to its quality as single-caliber material. Other noteworthy tracks on here include tracks such as "key ~eternal tie ver.~"; a wonderful and heartful ballad, "teddy bear"; yet another beautiful ballad overflowing with sadness (there are rumors this song was based on experiences of her relationship with her father); and "Duty", in which she tries to affirm her own beliefs and convictions. "Duty" will remain an album that has a special place in the hearts of many fans and music-lovers alike.

Very good 5

Great album very strong sound great hit, surreal, real me, vogue... It will be never an old sound ! perfect equilibrium between electro and rock Essential in a collection

Best of the old 5

This is a great album by ayumi Hamasaki. I can see why it still is considered one of her best even after all these years. There are songs on here that will never grow old like the tital track Duty, and the songs Vogue, Far Away, Seasons, surreal, Key and Teddy Bear. This album I think is influential because for the first time you can see alot of her later styles from albums like Secret, Guilty and My Story emerging here. Duty starts out with a set of heavy sometimes rock influenced songs then gradually sinks into the love ballads in the bottom half before rising up again and ending it with the upbeat pop tune Girlish. almost all her best albums do that and as far as I know that trend started right here. I really like how all the songs have steady rock roots but still keep th eurobeat effect. A great buy well worth the money you spend on it. Plus the booklet is adorable featuring ayu as an Anime cat girl. ^-^

A must!As Usual 5

A must at every Ayu-fan's home!The coer is perfect, lyrics are very very deep and hte music is terrific!I had heard this album before but it's not the same when you own an original!

Quiet 5

I did not know a lot of songs from this album before buying it... except the one from her singles,and I loved songs like Duty, Scars or Teddy Bear. I remembered Teddy Bear from one of her live, but found it boring at that time. On the contrary, when I listen to it in my Mp3, I think it's a really cite song. Nice album, which is to be owned in your Cd-library.

Duty... 5

I loved Ayu's LOVEPPEARS album, which was a breath of fresh air by the way. DUTY is somewhat different, a great deal of emotion linger around on this album, but her trademark trance tunes are still there; and that's what I love about her. A definite for any Ayu fan or someone new to the JPOP scene!

Ambitious and emotional! 5

When having two great albums, a lot of pressure is always put on the third to see whether or not it can surpass it's predecessors or just simply be as good as them. No worries there, 'Duty' is not only as good, it's far more ambitious as well! The songwriting has become more classy and serious. The title track is a great opening. Other favourites include vogue, End of the World, SCAR, Far away, SURREAL and SEASONS. With the lack of fun songs, Ayumi's voice has grown even more through the emotions she puts in all of the songs. An ambitious and emotional album!

My 2nd best Ayu album.. 5

Just another favorite album from Ayu.... I can not stop buying all her ablums.. I love owning ever single one...

~*VOGUE*~ 5

For sometime this was my favorite album, and still is one of them! All the songs are so passionate and balanced out. I cant help but surely recomend this to anyoen who is an Ayu fan! Also, the cover is so Vogue! It was said that Ayu came up with the Cat-ish character herself, and the famous "trilogy" is one this album. Itcontains so many great hits! such as SURREAL, vogue, far away, seasons, duty, and scar! PLZ get this one, u wont regret it!


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