[Machine Translation] The band was formed in 1970 with Erock (dr.), who is currently active as a producer/engineer, at the center, and broke up in the late 80's, but was revived in the late 2000's. The band represents the German symphonic rock of the 70's ( Globuschnitt ). This is the first time in the world that the band's six albums from the late 70's, from their debut in 1972 to 1979, have been reissued in 2022 with the latest remastering and the first paper-jacket CD. This is the band's first live album released in 1978, which was recorded on their tour in Germany in the late 70's. The album is the first live recording of the band. This is the band's first live recording from their German tour in the late 70's, released in 1978. The band's unique humorous and theatrical sound world, which can be seen from the cover, can be heard with dynamic and exquisite pauses and developments, and the charm and ability as a live band can be appreciated. Two songs from the same 1978 show and one song from Sun Trip (Roots of the Sun Hymn) are included as bonuses. This is the world's first paper-jacketed CD release that reproduces the original recordings as much as possible, and will be digitally remastered in 2022.