[Machine Translation] Globuschnitt" was formed in 1970 with Elok (dr.), who is now active as a producer/engineer, as the core of the band. This is the first reissue of all six albums from their debut album in 1972 to 1979 from the German band "Globuschnitt". This album is a concept album released in 1977 and is one of the band's best-known works. It is a huge concept work based on the band's original story of "the adventure and friendship of a boy and a big bird traveling in the world of dreams," which appears on the cover of the album. The album is a masterpiece of German symphonic rock from the 1970s, with a dreamy and majestic worldview and a dramatic sound created by symphonic sound design centering on a variety of keyboards. Two remixes and a live performance are included as bonuses. The world's first paper-jacketed CD release, digitally remastered in 2022, reproducing the original recordings as closely as possible.