[Machine Translation] Globuschnitt" was formed in 1970 with Elok (dr.), who is now active as a producer/engineer, as the core of the band. The band's six albums from their debut in 1972 to 1979 are all reissued in 2022 with the latest remastering and the world's first paper-jacketed CD! This is the debut album released in 1972, consisting of two suites, "Song of Bliss" and "Solar Mythology", both over 10 minutes long. Symbolized by the album cover and the organ that still retains its psychedelic garb, the album presents a dark and gloomy sound world that is distinctly different from their later works. On the other hand, it is one of the representative works that shows the musicality and style inherited from the works in the 70's, such as theatrical and dramatic songs and compositions, and the tendency toward large-scale productions. Bonus live tracks from 1971 and 1975 are included. The world's first paper-jacketed CD release, digitally remastered in 2022, reproducing the original recordings as much as possible.