[Machine Translation] We want to celebrate the ani-songs that colored the Heisei era! The "Heisei Anison Grand Prix" will be created by everyone who has such a desire. The nominated songs will be announced, and the nominated songs will be included in a gorgeous mix CD "Heisei Anison Grand Prix mixed by DJ Kazu". The selection committee for the songs includes Akihiro Tomita (music producer/anison critic), Naoki Yoshida (Nippon Broadcasting System announcer), P Saito (Animelo Summer Live general producer), DJ Wa (J-POP/anison DJ), Mae Q (anime writer), and Masayasu Matsubara (animate) (in no particular order). The 10 Anime Song Awards will be decided. The remaining one category, the "User Vote Award", will be decided by user voting through the application form on the special "Heisei Anison Grand Prix" website, which opened today, and the song with the most votes will be nominated. The nominated songs will be selected from all the nominated songs, and around 40 to 45 songs will be included in the mix CD.