[Machine Translation] Yuma Asami's calendar, which has been well-received since its January start date, is now also available for sale starting in April! Unlike the January calendar, this calendar is a desktop type, so even if you purchased the January calendar, you can use it at home or at work in different situations. [Size: B6, 8 sheets] *Please note that some of the product images shown may differ from the actual product. (Cancellation cannot be accepted even if the actual product image is different. As a rule, calendar products are ordered from the manufacturer after receiving an order. Therefore, it takes 2-5 days for the product to arrive at our company (even new releases will be shipped sequentially after the release date). Please note that the release date, price, size, etc. are subject to change. Due to the shape of the product, wrapping is not available (gift addresses can be specified). Please order calendars only, not together with CDs or DVDs, if possible.