Due to the earthquakes that struck Mexico in September 2017 (terremotos), MexPost has had to suspend postal operation temporarily.

In cooperation, Japan Post is postponing all shipment of postal parcels to Mexico. In response, all shipment of CDJapan orders destined to Mexico will be postponed, starting from September 25. We will resume shipment of orders as soon as MexPost notifies Japan Post that they are able to begin accepting postal parcels again.

Relevant information can also be found at Japan Post website.

Many of our customers are located in Mexico, and all of us at CDJapan were shocked and saddened when we learned about the serious damages caused by the earthquake, and our sincerest wishes go out to people of Mexico.

Please note that this does not apply to DHL and FedEx, as they have been able to continue their operation.

¡Mucho dolor y tristeza, de todo corazón les deseamos una rápida recuperación!