On June 28, CDJapan upgraded the credit payment system for the purpose of bolstering security and protection. The new credit payment system is compliant with PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to bolster the robustness of security and protection.

As announced in April existing credit card information in your customer account was transferred to the PCI DSS compliant secure storage. During this procedure, validity of each credit card needed to be verified, as required. In case any credit card was found to be no longer valid in this procedure, the credit card information was removed completely from your customer account. In that case, please register a valid credit card when you place your order. Also, up to five credit card information may be stored under the new secure storage. In case more than five credit cards were stored in your customer account, only the most recently registered five credit cards are stored under the new secure storage and older cards are completely removed.

Please Note: As detailed in the help sections for credit card and debit card, orders Placed Before June 28, 2017 It will not be possible to move items between orders placed after June 28 and ones that were placed before June 28 under former protocol. In your customer account, "Former Protocol" indication appears right next to orders placed before June 28, 2017.