All credit card and debit card information that customers register in their customer accounts are encrypted and transmitted via the Internet in secure HTTP encryption. Also, the information is stored in a data storage completely inaccessible from the Internet.

Furthermore, starting from April 26, CDJapan will begin to store all credit card and debit card information in a secure credit card payment system that is compliant with PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to bolster the robustness of security and protection.

Important: Credit Authorization to be Processed on Existing Card Information

Please note that all exiting information on file will also be transferred to the PCI DSS compliant secure storage. During procedure, the validity of your card(s) will be verified, as required. This verification will be performed automatically by running a credit authorization, which may appear temporarily in your card account under our company name "NEOWING." The amount will be approximately US$1, but it will be voided immediately. In case of debit card or prepaid card, it may take anywhere between 7-42 days before it disappears from the online account information, depending on how soon your bank reflects it. The amount will never be transferred to CDJapan, and you will never be billed.

This security procedure will be performed for all card information that were registered prior to April 26. System upgrade is scheduled to be completed by May 31, 2017.

As for any credit card and debit card information for which this verification fails, it will be removed from the customer account.