Our recent announcement regarding products supplied by Avex Pictures have naturally raised a lot of questions and speculations, partly due to minimal amount of explanation we offered.

In this announcement, we would like to go over the background in more details.

From the beginning, some products of Avex Pictures including "Yuri!!! on Ice" and "Osomatsu-san" were restricted to exports from Japan due to the rights matters. The information for availability of export to outside of Japan was clearly indicated within the product information supplied to retailers.

However, we did not fully recognize such restriction and their products were continued to be made available at CDJapan. After Avex Pictures found this fact they reminded us on February 13 of the existing export availability status. In response to their reminder, we discontinued accepting orders to be shipped to any address outside of Japan on February 15.

In other words, Avex Pictures did not suddenly begin to impose the restriction. All they did was to remind us about the original export availability on February 13.

We just wanted to clarify the situation by explaining this background information in this announcement.

We apologize for any confusion caused by the lack of sufficient explanation on our part to explain the situation.

Avex Pictures wishes to make as many of their products available for export, and they will continue with efforts to make that possible.

CDJapan would like to continue to make products from Japan available to our customers by improving our communication with publishers and productions companies.