Thank you for visiting CDJapan.

We are about to relocate our shipping process to a new shipping facility to meet the increasing needs to ship greater amount of packages and greater types of products.

The new facility is located in Shizuoka, in closer proximity to production facilities of record companies, even though this probably will not speed things up or affect shipping time noticeably in any way.

The main purpose of the relocation is to expand the capacity of our shipping process.

The relocation is scheduled between April 25 and April 27.

During this three-day period, we will not be able to ship orders. Also, it will not be possible to process any cancellation of any order that has not become available for shipment because our warehouse management system will not be in normal operation.

Because of this, it will take an additional few days than normal before orders become available for shipment during this period of time.

However, it will be possible to place orders at CDJapan normally, and we will be done everything we can in the background to ensure that delayed orders are shipped as soon as possible once the new facility becomes fully operational.

Please note that the shipping process will additionally become unavailable also during following public holidays to be observed in Japan, because both Japan Post and FedEx will be closed then.

*April 29 (Showa Day)

*May 3 (Constitution Memorial Day)

*May 4 (Greenery Day)

*May 5 (Children's Day)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.