We are pleased to announce that we launched shopping cart icons on product listing pages, allowing you to put products to the shopping cart just by clicking the icons.

This might be helpful, for example, if you consider multiple purchases on products from a series on the same listing page or consider buying basic items you always purchase from us so that there is no need to take care of product descriptions (if so, thank you very much!).

Nothing's in vain, but if it's no need to do so, just avoid that and make your shopping experience more comfortable with this new functionality.

How It Goes

A: On the product listing page, now you can see a shopping cart icon (red) & a bookmark icon (white) on the bottom of each simple product description.

B: Once you click a shopping cart icon, a black bar is shown on the page, showing the message that the product has been successfully into the cart.
Of course you can just through the message and continue your shopping. The bar will fade away when you click something. *No need to click the black bar or "X" mark on the bar.

C: Make another click on the shopping cart icon next to the first.


On Moblie

You can go with the same steps.