As a customer living out of Japan, you will never pay the Japanese 8% VAT (Value Added Tax).

Be aware that some Japanese online shops cheat customers indicating those 8% VAT as discount which is definitely not!

Your package may be subject to your local customs tax and VAT. These extra charges are forms of tax that are not included with CDJapan prices or our shipping charge.

We are required to declare the value of prices paid for items accurately on the package to ensure that your package arrives without serious troubles at customs. Japan regulation and Japan post required us to indicate the right value on the package so we do NOT undervalue.

Custom officials generally have warnings about consequences such as the following information that the UK customs officials share on their website : "Some websites will offer to show a value on the Customs Declaration that's much lower than the actual price paid so that you don't have to pay duty and/or VAT when the goods enter the UK. This is wrong: if you're ordering goods over the Internet, it is in your own interest to make sure that the sender abroad makes a complete and accurate declaration. If any declaration is made, or the information is inaccurate, the package may be delayed whilst the UK Border Agency makes further inquiries, or in some cases the package and its contents may be seized and as the importer of the goods you will be liable for any charges."