Japan is the country with most book readers of the world!
CDJapan have a lot of books available through our search engine and we recommend you to use the ISBN number, 13-digit and without dash!!!
For example 9784832243217.
We do not recommend you
title and author name as they may be slightly different in roman letter.
When a book do not appear, please check "Show items no longer available" option in tool bar as in 90% of cases, book is listed!
Usually new books are listed one month before the official release date.

Request for items has to be done by e mail (info@cdjapan.co.jp) and for items exclusively sold on other online shops, please use the Special Request Service.

If you are interested in any book, comic/manga, light novel, artwork or magazine not listed on CDJapan, we will be glad to help you in this matter.
Submitting us a request, we will contact publishing companies meanwhile you will receive confirmation e-mail.
Then, we will reply you in approximately 1-4 days (up to 10 days) about availability and will upload the book on our website.
We remind you we do not sell any kind of dojinshi, rated 18 years old material, and neither shonen magazine.

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For requests of any other kind of products, please contact us by e-mail.