Tiny but a huge hit! Get a Flawless Face with 3 Brushes

The 3 most popular brushes in Koyudo's hot fu-pa series are now available in miniature form!
These brushes can be used not only on your overall face but are excellent for applying makeup just the way you want on tough spots like around the eyes, mouth, and nose. 
They're so soft you'd think they were sponges instead of brushes - and they're surprisingly easy-to-use. Experience it for yourself!
Don't underestimate them because of their size. They're full-fledged brushes that perform their jobs more than capably.
The wood-tone handles have the warm, gentle feel of real wood. The handles are shorter than standard brushes, so it's easy to control the amount of powder you apply - and the handles are thick enough to fit a wide variety of hands.

Mini fu-pa01

This domed brush makes it easy to work with powder blush or pressed, loose powders. The small head does a great job at delivering just the right amount of product and blending it seamlessly. Dust powder over the skin in a circular motion for an airbrushed finish, or apply blush, bronzer for a diffused glow without any visible edges. Great for applying setting powder after concealer as well.
approx. Full length 102mm (4.0 in) Hair length 25mm (0.98 in) Surface 25mm Ferrule width 20mm


Mini fu-pa02

It has a beautifully slightly rounded, flexible end that perfectly blends liquids concealers or liquid, cream foundations without leaving streaks onto smaller areas such as side of nose or under eye. Easy to cover under-eye circles, imperfections, and smooth for an even skintone. The bristles are slightly rounded so you can easily customize the level of coverage. This brush is soft, yet firm enough for stippling. 
approx. Full length 102mm (4.0 in) Hair length 25mm (0.98 in) Surface 20mm Ferrule width 23mm


Mini fu-pa03

This dense, flat brush is the perfect balance of firmness and softness to apply mineral foundation, powder with ease for a streak-free, flawless finish. Flat shaped bristles have been created to evenly distribute for all powder and pigment applications. The soft, dense head picks up well even micro fine face powder. Do small swirling motions all over to buff foundation into skin to create a more even and natural glowing finish.
approx. Full length 102mm (4.0 in) Hair length 25mm (0.98 in) Surface 25mm Ferrule width 20mm 

KOYUDO Brush Case

Great for organizing and storing all your beauty essentials including Mini fupa brushes with this makeup brushes collection bag. Use the zippered pocket to hold small cosmetic items.

Questions & Answers

What type of hair are these brushes made with?
fu-pa01: Goat Sokoho 粗光峰 (hair under the goat's jaw and along it's back) 
Softness (degree 1-10): 7
It feels moderately soft and stiff to the touch. When applying to the skin, it sticks with a good-fitting feeling. It has moderate elasticity and durability. Picks up the proper amount of powder. Easy to use even for beginners. 

fu-pa02: Goat Hakutotsuho 白尖峰 (hair of back and stomach area) 
Softness (degree 1-10): 6
Possessing moderate stiffness, but also a soft texture, this material is used for liquids and powders. It has moderate elasticity and durability. 
fu:pa03: PBT (ultra fine synthetic hair)
Softness (degree 1-10): 5
This material is made to closely resemble the properties of animal hair. Another features of this material is that cleaning and maintenance are effortless.  
How to clean them properly?
- For everyday care 
After using, lightly tap the brush on the back of your hand or arm. If you are worried about residual color, lightly wipe off the brush with a tissue. 
- Washing
When concerned about a bad smell, or when the hair can be lumped, wash it in lukewarm water. After letting the hair soak in the warm water, add a proper amount of cleaning soap for brush. Once it has soaked enough to gently squeeze the grime out from root to tip, wash the brush off. If any cleaning soap are left in the brush, it will deteriorate and become more difficult to use. Therefore, take care to fully wash out the cleaning soap. After a thorough rinsing, take a comb and gently comb the tip of the brush, starting at the root of the bristles and working up to the tip.Then, taking a towel, dry the moisture from the brush and let it dry in the shade with shaping the tip using your fingertips. Avoid drying in direct sunlight or using a hair dryer as this will weaken the hairs. 

Customer Review

- Truly the BEST!
Like many of us, I started out favoring larger face brushes because they did the job quickly. However along the years, I discovered my love for smaller, shorter face brushes because they allow for more precision without compromising on the time it takes to put on your makeup in the morning.
This set of FU-PA is one of my best purchase EVER! They might be called "mini" but they are certainly not "mini" in any way!
Bigger than I first expected and truly the PERFECT size to me. While the regular FU-PAs are great especially for a quick application of foundation especially if you have flawless skin to start with, these sized-down FU-PAs are just a dream of precision when you need to cover more imperfections like redness, discolorations, blending around the nose and eyes especially if you use color correctors...They truly do not take more time in applying your make up overall but rather allow you to be more precise in your application.
If you love the Chikuhodo G-10 but wished it would be a little bigger, the Fu-Pa 02 mini will be your answer to your wishes! The Fu-Pa 01 mini allows a far more precise application of blush without feeling too small at all, compared to the full size Fu-Pa 01. And the Fu-Pa 03 mini is a dream to use for mineral powder. it covers a lot of surface with its flat top and flexible bristles.
The quality of these brushes is exceptional as are all of the Koyudo brushes I own. They are beautiful with their wood tone handles and the pouch they come with is not only super cute but very practical!
Overall I am so HAPPY I ordered this set of Fu-Pas! Truly the best IMHO!  (catherine)