Let's take this opportunity to review how to apply liquid or cream foundation with a brush.

1. Drop out liquid foundation on the back of your hand. About a size of a pearl of foundation is plenty. The trick is to drop the foundation on the back of your hand and warm it to skin temperature before picking it up with a brush and applying it to the face.

2. Add foundation to about 1/3 of the brush tip. Add the foundation not to just the surface of the brush, but to the inside as well. Apply smaller amounts of foundation at places where makeup breaks easily such as the forehead, eyes, and around the mouth than you would apply at the cheeks.

3. Slide the brush from the inside to the outside of the face and apply liquid foundation thinly and thoroughly. Do not rub too hard, as that causes damage to the skin.

4. Lightly tap the brush and apply foundation in layers at parts to look out for, such as skin stains, acne scars, freckles, and pores.

5. Finally, use a tissue to lightly remove any extra oils on the face, and lightly and thinly apply loose powder to the entire face. If you watch out for these 2 points, you can achieve the ideal perfect skin.

平筆 (Flat brush) type:

These types can apply small amounts of foundation to the entire face. Good for wide areas such as the forehead or cheeks. The bristles are not too dense, so it puts limited stress on the skin.

Volume type:

Allows for an even application that leaves no strokes with a thick brush tip. Soft, yet firm enough for stippling. Best for areas such as the sides of the nose or around the eyes, where makeup comes off easily.

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