These brushes have been produced to be as soft and fine as grey squirrel hair.
The brush is fine and smooth to the extent where it's indistinguishable from actual grey squirrel hair brush. Guaranteed to surprise you, this artificial hair brush will allow you to apply thin, natural make up with ease.
While being fine, the brush head is unlike natural hair in that it is durable. It's cut-resistant and won't come off easily, lasting you a long time.
The material used for the brush head is PPT, a mostly corn-based substance that is gentle to the skin.
Even if you've never used an artificial hair brush, please try this brush made with Koyudo's state-of-the-art technology!

Customer Review
KRG001 Large Powder Brush
Title: best synthetic powder brush I have tried (Rated 4 stars)
I ordered this to try because KOYUDO described this as being like squirrel yet durable like synthetic. They are right and the brush does feel like a breeze and moves as a whole on my face. Even softer than their saikoho brushes, yet picks up and deposits powder extremely well without disturbing my foundation. Highly recommended. My only gripe is that the flat shape makes it only suitable for patting powder on. Would be great if they also made a round or tapered version!
KRG005 Large Eyeshadow Brush
Title: great paddle brush that is soft (Rated 4 stars)
A soft yet firm paddle brush that can easily sweep eyeshadow across the whole lid. It is softer than goat and comparable to squirrel. Deposits cleanly. If it could be made a little fluffier, it would be more versatile and usable as a blending brush too. I like the matte black ferrule and red handle. Excellent workmanship from Koyudo again.