Watoji Note SOME PAD

A notebook for designs, sketches, illustrations, etc. Although the paper is thin, the ink of pens and markers will not run through. Each sheet is dyed by hand. Excellent writing quality. 50 sheets.

Tojihako Series: Foldable Organization Box

Tojihako (Japanese binding x closing = box) is a new type of storage box born from the techniques of Japanese bookbinding. It can be easily folded with a single touch and can be carried in a slim size. It allows you to easily create a storage space at home, in the office, on the go, and in many other places. It can be easily assembled by simply unfolding the bottom plate.

Nanten Shuincho Holy Notebook

Nanten has been loved as an lucky tree since ancient times because it is said to "turn difficulties into happiness". This is a red seal book using yuzen paper with such an auspicious Nanten pattern in stylish colors. The book is folded and comes with a title sticker.

POCKET Shuincho Holy Notebook

All pages are pockets, convenient for putting in pre-written shuin seals and postcard-sized photographs, etc. Seals cannot be stamped on the back side. Accordion fold pages with 42 pockets. Comes with title sticker.

Shuincho Holy Notebook Bag

It is a two-fold bag that can be used not only as a Shuin book bag organizer. The outside of the bag is made of Yuzen washi with a firmer texture, and the inside is made of cloth.


Resealable task memo. Task memos are analog reminders. You can write down your to-do list and stick them on your phone or other device to keep track of your tasks one by one. There are 22 memos sheets per memo.

Mask Case Series

Mask cases to keep your masks safe and clean during meals and other occasion to take off mask. It is available in 15 patterns, with the outside made of crinkled Yuzen washi and the inside made of anti-viral functional fiber "CLEANSE". The outside is coated with a natural material of washi paper reinforcement material to enhance water and abrasion resistance. Holds five masks without folding.

Mini Mask Case Series

Holds one folded mask.