B-FD-01 Foundation Brush



The Perfect Foundation Brush (Rated 5 stars)

Bought this brush because it's similar to the Koyudo Fupa 02, which is one of my fav foundation brush. Been using for about 2 months, and this is now my new holy grail foundation brush. It's so much softer than the Fupa 02. It works with all kinds of foundation, from matte to luminous. Gives an airbrushed finish every time, never streaky, never patchy. Also, this brush is aesthetically pleasing, shiny gold ferrule with a luxurious wooden handle. I would say the only con to this brush is its weight. But then again, its weight is what gives this brush the solid, classy and expensive feel. Love this brush. No regrets.


B-C-01 Highlight / Cheek Brush




Best contouring brush (Rated 5 stars)

I would say this is the best contouring brush I have ever had. Perfect contouring brush blends product beautifully. And it will not destroy your foundation when blending product! I recommend this brush, although it's a little bit pricey but worth every penny.

(Acquire CHINA)

B-ES-01 Eye Shadow Brush




Great big brush (Rated 5 stars)

This is a big brush but since I have a larger lid I love it for putting my transition color into and a bit above my crease. It places and blends the color wonderfully and quickly. It is very soft and the handle is beautiful. This brush could also be used for highlight or contour as well.


B-H-02 Highlight / Cheek Brush




Beautiful and effective (Rated 5 stars)

The handle and ferrule look beautiful, but the main thing is, of course, the hair. It's very soft, and the brush head is actually much fluffier than the pictures show, so it covers quite a large surface. It is probably too large to use with very pigmented blush, but for diffuse application of lighter blush it works very well. I also find this brush to be very effective for targeted powder application.

(Ludmila RUSSIA)

B-H-01 Highlight / Cheek Brush



  I bought this brush as soon as CDJapan listed it, Bisyodo is an exciting new brand that I've heard only good things about, therefore it is an easy buy for me. This is a Saikoho flame shaped highlight/cheek brush. The Saikoho quality feels superb and the texture of the hair is also stunning, unlike the other brushes of the same shape, the tip of the brush is not as pointy, perfect for highlighting and contouring. The combination of African rosewood and the gold ferrule is very extravagant, I love it. In summary, I am very pleased with my first purchase of Bisyodo, and looking forward to trying out more products from this brand.

(from weibo)