Divine! The perfect brush (Rated 5 stars)

This brush is exceptional. It reminds me of a Shu Uemera my mom had in her professional makeup kit from about 15-20 years ago, when he was still designing and overseeing things. That brush was incredible, not too bulky, slightly angled- it would glide around the face like a dream, expanding and snapping back into its shape as it found its way effortlessly around the contours of the face.Well, THIS brush is exactly like that. It's like it's following the Tao or something! It is insanely SOFT making it so soothing that I want to glide it all over my skin. The contoured shape makes it perfect for placing powder or or blush anywhere you'd like. It's not too thick or bulky so it can go all around the eyes and around nostrils, but it is plush enough for full face coverage as well. You can be precise or broad strokes. I had a feeling about this brush and I was right. I'm in heaven and telling all of my colleagues that it is a MUST HAVE. Absolute LUXURY at a very affordable price point. I will have this for the rest of my life.

(Julia Joseph UNITED STATES)




Nice product! (Rated 5 stars)

It is very soft bristle & have to carry out power on the average of face. Good customer service & delivery service!

(Lau Siu Ching HONG KONG)




Unexpectedly outstanding. (Rated 5 stars)

As the title. Such a price, but have excellent quality than expected. Very soft bristles, nice pen body.

(ting TAIWAN)




Super(Rated 5 stars)

I like it! The brush is very soft like silk. My skin likes the touch of it. I recommend it to everybody.

(Marina FRANCE)




Very soft and versatile.(Rated 5 stars)

The quality of this brush has gone beyond its price. It can be used to brush blush, powder or create shadows. Brush the quality is super good. I love it!!!

(ting TAIWAN)




very soft!(Rated 5 stars)

Squirrels are mixed with elastic goat wool, adding more practicality to this brush. You can bring brush powder, powder and even blush, have the feeling into the skin. Delicate brush handle is also suitable for carrying, is the first choice for travel or daily carry. Only one point, just started to use a small amount of one or two hair Although not affect the use, but a bit reluctant, But this is definitely worth recommending brush.

(ting TAIWAN)




Amazing brush(Rated 5 stars)

I've never seen anything like this brush. It's huge size and bristles are pretty hard. So you can make your eyebrows in 2-3 movements. Your eyebrows will look natural big.





Fantastic comb(Rated 5 stars)

The groomer is: high quality, beautifully made, nice with non-scratchy bristles, high quality plastic comb, handy size. I am very happy with my purchase.

(Magdalena DENMARK)




My second one(Rated 5 stars)

I already own one of this brushes, I love it for applying my foundation and leaving a flawless finish. This brush can also be used to apply BB or CC cream. A must have brush, therefore I purchased my second one as back up! It's soft, not too dense and perfect for any liquid complexion products.





It did not meet my expectations(Rated 3 stars)

Mizuho is one of my favourite makeup brushes brand, so far all brushes from this line are great, this one however is scratchy - so I can only use it for placing concealer but to blend is too harsh regardless the area where I apply concealer.





A+(Rated 5 stars)

Love this brush. It's super soft and fluffy. It's not quite dense but is perfect for doing a soft bronzer or contour to your face. Does not leave streaks, but diffuses color easily.