S-3 Eyeshadow Brush




Great workhouse E/S brush (Rated 5 stars)

I must admit, I purchased this brush more as a curiosity because it looked identical to the WP S-1 E/S brush made with C/S hair, but this one is a surprisingly soft for dyed sokoho goat hair. I actually love this brush to put e/s under my lower lash line and to set concealer. For the price, this brush is a must have. The WP series handles are gorgeous, with a mother of pearl type sheen to them, and a nice weighty feel. Handles are short, but its great as a travel set.


S-6 Eyeshadow Brush




Soft pencil brush (Rated 5 stars)

I am very pleased with this pencil brush. Although it is made of squirrel and sable, it feels soft as pure squirrel, not scratchy and does not hurt my eyes skin at all. I use it to apply shadow to the outer V, glitter in the inner tear duct and lower lash line. I only wish it could be denser a little bit because sometimes I find it not firm enough for my liking.


S-5 Eyeshadow Brush




Soft & Picks Up Product with Ease (Rated 5 stars)

I was surprised that this brush picked up so much powder eye shadow, without kicking up dust. Because it is so soft, I thought that I would have to keep dipping back into the eye shadow, but surprisingly, I was able to apply a light colored matte eye shadow with one swipe. One of my surprise finds of 2016.


S-7 Eyeshadow Brush




Eihodo S-7 Eyeshadow Brush (Rated 5 stars)

I ordered the S-7 as an extra lower-cost brush for my order, and I am very pleased with it! I was quite surprised with the size, as it is teeny, coming in at right over 4.5 inches. It reminds me of the flat eyeliner brushes that often come with gel liners. I imagine it will serve as a gel liner brush quite well, though I will likely use it between that and a precision shading/packing brush. The bristles are soft, and semi-stiff, but not pokey. I am very happy with my purchase, especially as a spur of the moment one.


PC-2 Powder, Blush



I've had my eyes on Eihodo brushes for a while now. In the end it was this large sized sohoko powder brush that captured my heart, I bought it in an instant. I have to be extremely blunt and start off by stating that my skin is heavily heavily spoiled by various squirrel hair, and it does not usually end up well with goat. Well, this one would not be any different if weren't for its volumetric shape which made it more effectively a "padding brush". so for those of you who have sensitive skin like me, be sure to apply power in a padding motion to get the most of it's size and grabbing power without the "necessarily pain" of a sokoho brush. All in all I am very satisfied with this brush. It is not the best power brush, but Eihodo brushes' "on-par with the rest of its Kumano siblings in quality" plus a very reasonable price definitely earned it a solid recommendation from me.

(天才美美 from weibo)

LQ-2 Liquid Foundation Brush



Here's the Eihodo LQ-2 foundation brush, have to say the real thing looks much better than what's in the pictures. The handle is short and portable, great for carrying around, the color is also very special. The bristle is goat, although the grade not specified on the website, it feels great, grabs a bunch and does not smell like goat hair usually does. Very satisfied five star product. The S-6 eye shadow brush is made out of gray squirrel and sable hair. Interesting little thing with a hardened look, but in reality feels like a breeze of wind on your skin. Moderate elasticity also provides excellent grabbing power, a robust tool! Double thumbs up! PC-2 powder brush is the main course of my purchase this time. Beautiful curved sokoho bristles for a reeeal comfortable coverage, very easily. I've never had a sokoho brush with this kind of shape, volume and most importantly, it is really soft!!

(挣扎鼠 from weibo)

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