• SIM card and Mobile Wi-Fi Rental for Visitors to Japan

Japan is seeing an increase in foreign tourists. More and more of those foreigners each year bring their smartphones or tablets, and the most common complaint by those travelers is the difficulty of getting access to the Internet due to the lack of free public Wi-Fi spots in Japan. Unfortunately, it is true; the Wi-Fi situation for foreign travelers in Japan is not good.

Some enterprises have started installing Free-Wi-Fi spots in towns to help improve the situation, but because Wi-Fi does not reach far, and in many cases it requires registration or a special app, or limits the usage to 15 to 30 minute, these Wi-Fi spots are not very convenient. Although hotels and ryokans are making progress in Wi-Fi availability, you would still need to look for a way to get online once you’re out in the cities. If you want to use Google Map on your way to your destination or post updates on Facebook or Twitter whenever and wherever, it’s the best for you to get your own SIM card or Mobile Wi-Fi.

Rent or Buy? How to Get a SIM Card or Mobile Wi-Fi in Japan

Travelers visiting Japan and those staying in Japan for a short period of time can either purchase or rent Japanese SIM card or mobile Wi-Fi router.


We provide rental SIM cards as well as mobile Wi-Fi routers for travelers visiting Japan. Our products are affordable, fast and stable. Collection and return couldn’t be easier. We will deliver the items to wherever you will be staying such as a hotel or residence, or you could collect it at the airport post office. To return it, you only need to put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide and drop it into a postbox anywhere in Japan.


Now there are many prepaid SIM card brands for tourists. Some companies have SIM card vending machines in airports for purchase. Some cellular phone shops also sell SIM cards to travelers although they may only be able to help you in Japanese. 

Why You Should Rent a SIM Card Rather Than Buy a Prepaid SIM Card
The Best Rental iPhone SIM Card for the Visitors to Japan

Devices Compatible with SIM cards in Japan

1. Unlocked devices.
2. Device that support one of the following frequency.
4G(LTE) Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz), Band 21 (1500MHz)
3G(W-CDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA) Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 19 (800MHz)

The smartphones or tablets that meet above conditions will be able to access the Internet anywhere in Japan once you install the SIM card and set the APN. However, there are some devices that do not work even though they meet the above conditions. Please check Compatibility for details.

Renting a SIM Card and Mobile Wi-Fi from CD Japan

If you’re planning to visit Japan and have decided to rent a SIM card or Mobile Wi-Fi, we recommend that you book it online in advance so that you can get Internet access right away once you arrive in Japan. We will deliver the item to your designated hotel, residence, office, or the airport post office a day before your rental period starts.

CD Japan will make your trip hassle-free!

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