This is a perfect brush bag for fude lovers. Many brushes can be stored only with this pouch. Because the pockets are wide, large powder brush can be stored. It is very light as it is made of nylon.

A very handy pouch when you want to take only your favorite brush on the go. It can store 3 or 4 eye shadow brushes. You can store not only brushes but also small cosmetics such as mascara and eyeliner. It gently protects your brush and cosmetics with 100% cotton cloth.

It comes with a large pocket, so you can store wide range of brush sizes.
It is made durable, and never give damage to cosmetics or brush. Dust does not enter when it is closed with zipper.

It is a brush bag made by "Artisan & Artist company" which produces bags with the skill of the craftsman and completion by designer. Comes with a cover to protect bristles.

Perfect for keeping your brushes all in one place either at home or for travel. Made with real leather to the highest quality possible. Not only it is elegant, but it is very durable. A large brush can be stored well enough.

This is not a bag, but the perfect case to store a very important brush for you. It carefully protects your brushes. Rest your makeup brush in the highest quality space.