Gauze Pleated Mask

Gauze Pleated Masks are high quality yet stylish masks featuring anti microbial processing and deodorant finish.

■Non woven mask highly effective to protect from dust.
■Cuts off 99.9% pollen. BFE (Bacterial & Viral Filtration Efficiency) 93.6%
■Offers stylish designs.
■Gauze offers soft texture and comfortable fit.
■Dimensional form creates a space around the mouth for easy breathing.
■Features soft elastic straps to ease any irritation or pain that may case to ear.
■The antimicrobial and anti-dust function will barely lose its effectiveness by washing.
■Only wash gently by hand wash. Do not iron.
■Size:9cm x 17cm approx.
■Material: 100% cotton (anti microbial deodorant finishing) / Padding: polypropylene / Elastic Band: nylon, polyurethane

Wish for Health: Reversible Gauze Masks

Heart Sutra masks features religious text in Kanji characters or Heart Sutra in a picture version on the inner sides. "Hannya Shinkyo" translated as heart sutra, is a script recited at Japanese Buddhist funerals or Buddhist memorials services. The pictures and kanji characters printed on these masks are wishes to ward away epidemics.

■Size: Men / Length 13cm× Width 22cm / Women Length 12cm× Width 19cm
■Reusable masks made to wash for repeated use
■Material: 100% cotton
■Dimensional form made of four-layer gauze with seating fabric in between three layers of gauze.
■Adjustable ear straps.
■The dimensional form creates a space around the mouth to ease any difficulty in breathing.
■Effective to protect from pollen, Asian dust, and simply from catching a cold from others.

Anti Microbial Japanese Pattern Mask Case Set

Store extra masks in these antimicrobial cases to keep your masks clean and to prevent microbial growth. Includes two types. One comes in a folder design and the other comes in a form with flap

■Includes 2 mask cases. 1: Folder Type. 2: Case with Flap.
■SIAA marked product which only products that meet three criteria below can carry.
1. Antimicrobial properties
2. Criteria for safety established by SIAA have been met.
3. On exhibit are the types and treated parts of antimicrobial agents.
■Material: polypropylene
■Size: 205 x 110mm

・Mask case with flap type will keep extra masks clean for added protection such as using when carrying around in your bag.

・Folder design type will prevent microbial to grow from the anti microbial effect. Great to use while putting aside the mask during meals.