Here, I would like you to show the memories of the great Kumano trip.

Our plans for this trip was to visit Koyudo manufacturing building.
Here, this is Koyudo manufacturing building. How cute is that?
It was snowing so heavily.

Koyudo has manufacturing building 1 and 2.
They nervously make and test every single brush without distraction. 

It explains for visitor from abroad in simple English.

They also manufacture calligraphy brushes.
Koyudo is a famous manufacturing company of calligraphy brushes. (not only makeup brushes !) 

This trip told me that Koyudo makeup brushes are not only beauty products but traditional crafts.
I recognized how it takes time to complete process of manufacture of Kumano makeup brushes.
Please keep wait for your order, definitely worth the wait!

Fudenosato Kobo (Museum of Brushes)

It's located 5-10 minute drive from Koyudo.


Not only a wide variety of fude on display but there is a collection of fude for sale from Kumano's 30 different companies with long history and tradition.
When I visited there, tourists were buying the new brushes a lot. 
See and touch lots of brushes before buying!

Hiroshima prefecture where Kumano is located has many tourist attraction such as Itsukushima Shinto Shrine.
If you get a chance, you should definitely go there!