Focusing on The Frequency of The Voice?

Yes. By tuning to the frequency of the voice and using the cutting edge technologies Tornado Equalizer and A.I.R Mechanism, Surround realized high-sealed and achieved high sound insulation performance at a high level so that you can concentrate on your work without being disrupted by the surrounding environment as well as concerning on the sound leakage.

If you want to listen to the music? Sorry, this is not made for that purpose.
But if you want to focus on the voice, this will be the best choice among others.

How about trying to use it with certain purposes such as listening to audio drama or radio, or doing e-learning.
You will be amazed how it makes easy to listen to the voice.

Surround Chonmagekun In-Ear Headphones

*Since they are tuning easier to hear the voice band, the music playback you may feel a lack of bass. Please note sufficient to raise the volume too high.

Using Tornado Equalizer Developed by Ex-SONY Engineer

Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology, Tornado Equalizer Circuit, is applied.

Resonance, which is the most significant factor of sound deterioration of canal type headphones, at around 6 kHz generated by occluded ear canal is suppressed.
More details available on Surround's official page (English).
*Tornado Equalizer Circuit is Ocharaku's patented acoustic technology

About A.I.R Mechanism

A.I.R stands for "Acoustic internal-pressure regulator."

To connect the space before and after the element in the acoustic resistance, by venting through a double high-cut filter the back of the sound, significantly reducing the sound leakage amount of treble. It also efficiently suppressed by the effect of a double filter ambient sounds.

Surround Chonmagekun In-Ear Headphones

Customer Review

Clear sound & comfortable design

I bought these earphones based on the description that they are good for listening to voices. I use them with my iPhone and computer to listen to radio shows and they produce a very clear sound and are good at reducing the background sound when listening to people talk. For listening to music, they reduce the bass so the singing voice sounds louder and are okay for when you want to focus on the singing voice. They have a comfortable in-ear fit that is good when listening for longer periods of time. Quite a good purchase!!

2016/10/15 Skyn AUSTRALIA

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