The CDJapan Coin is a prepaid currency for purchasing e-books on CDJapan. Much like reward points 1 coin = 1 JPY, you can use it as well as reward points, and other supported payment methods to purchase e-books*. We are now giving away 100 coins to new comers! All you have to do is to register a new account, and 100 JPY worth of coins are going to be there waiting for you**!

* CDJapan coins are e-book purchases ONLY, not applicable to other products.

** Campaign coins are valid for 1 week.

You may check your Coins from [Customer Account] > [CDJapan Coin].

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How do I use these coins?

Simple, just select "CDJapan Coins" as your payment method during Checkout.

* Coins can be used in conjunction with reward points, however, you will not be able to use coins in conjunction with other payment methods such as Credit Card & Paypal.

How do I charge my coins?

Use the link provided below to charge your coins, you can also access this page from your "Account" -> "CDJapan Coin" page. We also have a bonus system when you charge your coins, this makes coins the best way to purchase your e-books!

Charge your coins here

CDJapan Coin Charging Bonuses
Paid Amount Charged Amount
1,000 JPY 1,030 coins (30 extra coins)
2,000 JPY 2,100 coins (100 extra coins)
3,000 JPY 3,150 coins (150 extra coins)
5,000 JPY 5,300 coins (300 extra coins)
10,000 JPY 10,800 coins (800 extra coins)
100 JPY 100 coins

Enjoy a comprehensive Japanese library in the palm of your hand with CDJapan

The e-books service we offer will also accept other payment methods such as credit card and Paypal, don't forget you can also use the reward points accumulated with other purchases!

The catalog of content we offer in this service includes a wide range of novel, comics, photo books, magazines in both Japanese and English, some of which are exclusive contents you cannot get anywhere else! We think you will definitely enjoy these quality contents, so please give it a try! For more information on CDJapan ebook services .

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  • Some contents may require Neowing eBook reader application to access: information
  • Neowing/CDJapan eBook reader mobile applications does not support non-smart mobile devices
  • Charged Coins are valid for 6 months starting from the purchase date
  • CDJapan coins are e-book purchases ONLY, not applicable to other products