fu-pa14 CB (CDJapan Beauty) Gray Squirrel Powder Brush

If purchased in bulk is very affordable and cost effective!

I love how dense, soft, and plush this brush is. Great for dusting on finish powder, I use it for a very diffused natural looking application of bronzer around the edge of the face, to dot a bit of high color blush to accent the cheeks, and then to buff all of it out to airbrush perfection. Because it is part squirrel, I would recommend that you use it on clean or powdered skin rather than directly on moisturiser, sunscreen, or creamy foundation to prevent hair breakage. For men or those with oilier skin, I would recommend the Fuwafuwa with it super soft goat hair rather than this little beauty.

(2016/10/07 Dash SINGAPORE)

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fu-pa02 CB (CDJapan Beauty) Foundation Brush

If purchased in bulk is very affordable and cost effective!
Hello from Russia!I just fell in love with this brush. The quality is very good! Perfectly deals liquid or cream foundation, no divorce, skin like polished! I will be ordering more brushes from Koyudo.

(2017/03/27 Alexander Karnizov RUSSIA)

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Koyudo Mini fu-pa01,02,03 3pcs Set

Like many of us, I started out favoring larger face brushes because they did the job quickly. However along the years, I discovered my love for smaller, shorter face brushes because they allow for more precision without compromising on the time it takes to put on your makeup in the morning. This set of FU-PA is one of my best purchase EVER! They might be called "mini" but they are certainly not "mini" in any way! Bigger than I first expected and truly the PERFECT size to me. While the regular FU-PAs are great especially for a quick application of foundation especially if you have flawless skin to start with, these sized-down FU-PAs are just a dream of precision when you need to cover more imperfections like redness, discolorations, blending around the nose and eyes especially if you use color correctors...They truly do not take more time in applying your make up overall but rather allow you to be more precise in your application. If you love the Chikuhodo G-10 but wished it would be a little bigger, the Fu-Pa 02 mini will be your answer to your wishes! The Fu-Pa 01 mini allows a far more precise application of blush without feeling too small at all, compared to the full size Fu-Pa 01. And the Fu-Pa 03 mini is a dream to use for mineral powder. it covers a lot of surface with its flat top and flexible bristles. The quality of these brushes is exceptional as are all of the Koyudo brushes I own. They are beautiful with their wood tone handles and the pouch they come with is not only super cute but very practical! Overall I am so HAPPY I ordered this set of Fu-Pas! Truly the best IMHO! 

(2016/11/23 catherine UNITED STATES)

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CB(CDJapan Beauty) 100 Powder Angled Brush


This brush is beautifully made and the quality is on par in comparison with the other Koyudo brushes I own. The goat hair is very soft (almost as soft as the Koyudo BP016 which is still more silky and delicate). It's also firm enough and quite dense (not as dense as Fu-pa 14). It performs remarkably well with pressed and loose powder to give an even, non-powdery luminous finish. I do love the slightly angled shape for multi-purpose use. It washes well and dries much quicker than BP016 and fu-pa. It's definitely a good-value purchase.


(2015/01/28 MC UNITED STATES)