Japanese Drugstore Cosmetics Corner
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Protection from the sun is often said to be one of the most crucial steps in a skincare routine. Though seems harmless, the sunlight, containing UVA and UVB, could cause a great amount of damage to our skin and also lead to skin cancer. Not only the hot and bright summer sun is harmful; daylight on a cloudy day or soft sunlight may have as many impacts. As the weather is cooling down, people are more likely to forget about that sunscreen bottle sitting in some corners at home.

In this month special feature, CDJ Beauty would like to introduce Japan’s best-selling sunscreens, available at any drugstore in the country and of course, on CDJapan.

Asian or Japanese sunscreen, in general, is lightweight, has a light fragrance, absorbs faster and leaves less white casts. The majority of Japanese sunscreen is of milky, watery and gel essence, which can be used for both face and body.

Anessa Sunscreen from Shiseido

Anessa has been the number one in the market for years. Loved for its watery/ gel texture, Anessa provides a lightweight feeling, no breakout and moisturizing affect/ effect. It’s suitable for all skin type, although as there is alcohol in the ingredients, those with sensitive skin may want to try the mild version. Anessa is known for the ‘aqua booster’ technology that helps to block UV rays when sweating.

ANESSA essence UV Aqua booster ~Gold~

Focus on waterproof, providing up to 80 minutes of water resistant.

ANESSA essence UV Aqua booster ~Silver~

Focus on hydration and moisturization.

ANESSA Perfect UV Aqua booster ~Mild~

Alcohol-free for sensitive skin.

However, the price tag may not be 'friendly' if it is used for the body. As a sun protection method for the face, it's indeed one of the best products.

Aqua Rich/ Skin Aqua from Biore

Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel

Comes in a new package, this is the latest version of the famous Aqua Rich sunscreen. Good to use on the face with light, watery essence. Some said that the 2017 version is better at water resisting but it’s slightly thicker and stickier in comparison with the original version that came out in 2015. Alcohol is part of the ingredients so it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Biore Skin Aqua UV

Economically, skin aqua is good to use with both face and body. Regarding quality aspect, the cool, lightweight watery solution works like a charm on the skin. Skin aqua also focuses on providing hydration to keep the skin healthy all day. Available in SPF 50+ and SPF 35 to suit all skin types.

Suncut Sunscreen from Kose

KOSE SUNCUT R Sunscreen Gel 50 (Super Waterproof)

Comparatively cheaper than the products mentioned above, Suncut is a great choice for its value and quality. The solution could be a little thicker but does not leave a white cast; can be used for both face and body.

And, don’t forget to cleanse the sunscreen thoroughly at the end of the day for a healthy-looking skin.