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Index: Artio CR-M1 Review by japanese_learner_ph (Anna Cabalsa)

But before I begin I want to give you a brief background . . .
Let's start with the packaging and first impression . . .
As for the earphones itself . . .

CDJapan sent me a CR-M1 Basic Earphones for review, so today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the product from a personal-non-techie-person point of view.

But before I begin I want to give you a brief background on Artio. Artio is Japanese Artisan earphones brand dedicated to making and developing high quality sound. I always include “artisan” in the description because I want to stress that their products are made the traditional way, that is by hand. Which, for me is brilliant.

Also, this article is divided into three parts because I can’t fit the whole article in one post. So without further ado . . .

Let's start with the packaging and first impression. I knew that the CR-M1 is a basic earphones model and cheaper than the other models being offered by the brand, so I was not expecting anything. The product came in a box within an aluminum resealable plastic which is just appropriate. But, I was not expecting to see the earphones case, earhook and 4 extra pairs of earbuds in different sizes.

Once again, Artio surprised me with these kind of details. The design of the gray case perfectly matched the earphones in a basic yet stylish and gender-neutral way. The size also makes it very convenient to just slip through a pocket or purse.

I was pleasantly surprised at how I can comfortably put the earphones to my ears by adjusting the size of earbuds to use. This convenience and comfort is enhanced by the ear hook which gives options on how to better wear the earphones.

As for the earphones itself, it came in all black with a small silver logo detail of Artio on the earpiece. What I like about it is the slightly bigger rounded design and flat back which makes it easy to put and press into the ear for a snug fit. While the earpieces are a bit heavier than that of the usual earphones, its overall comfort and durability more than compensates for this.

The wire is made of sturdy material which may look thin and soft but is actually very durable. I can say this because I think its the same material used in the first earphones (RK01) I used, which after 7 months of usage, didn't show any sign of wear and tear at all.

For the sound quality, indeed, CR-M1 delivers a clear and fine sound like I am enclosed in a confined space and it is all the sound I can hear.

As a person who use earphones a great deal to watch anime, movies and/or listen to music/podcasts in my daily commute, an earphones like this is perfect to immerse myself in the moment and just focus on what I want to do.

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Artio RK01 Review by japanese_learner_ph (Anna Cabalsa) from her Instagram feed


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