Artio CR-V1 Headphone

ARTIO CR-V1 First Look - For those who like Soundstage!

Main Features

  • Applies a newly-developed technology “WARP system,” generating a speaker like sound ambiance.
  • Applies two patented technologies: "SkIS" and "s.n.a," each enabling natural high-range sounds
  • Applies titanium alloy on the front housing and aluminum on the center and the rear housing.
  • Includes two types of spiral cables (OFC / Silver)
  • Fully made in Japan
  • Long warranty period (Two years from your purchase)


What is WARP Technology?
What is SkIS Technology?
What is s.n.a Technology?
Artio CR-V1: Quality Work in Japan
Artio CR-V1 Spec
Artio CR Series Trailer
Artio CR-V1 Unboxing Video

What is WARP Technology?

"WARP (patent pending)" is an abbreviation of "Wide Area ReProduction." This is an acoustic circuit for earphones developed by Artio. It mixes L channel and R channel signals, which bandwidths and levels are adjusted, into the opposite channels. By doing so, they virtually reproduce a state of listening to the stereo playback with speakers, and you can feel the spacious sound that was not possible with conventional canal type earphones.

WARP technology revolutionize in-head localizing sound image that conventional ear phones have, and reproduce extensive speaker like sound ambiance. Furthermore, with a combination of Artio's unique patented technologies SkIS and s.n.a system, which are in charge of fine adjustment from high to low frequency, they accelerate an immersive listening experience.

What is SkIS Technology?

"SkIS" is an abbreviation of "Six Kilohertz Intercept System" (patent number: 5696249).

SkIS is designed to suppress the sound around 6kHz, which tends to make unpleasant noises when wearing inner ear headphones. The volume of the back side of the diaphragm, the diaphragm air hole, and the volume of the driver cap makes this uniquely designed acoustic structure possible.
Normally, the air behind the diaphragm works like a spring to support vibration of the diaphragm. But with SkIS, it restricts the movement of the air behind the diaphragm in 6 kHz range. By doing so, SkIS enables to suppress only the 6 kHz tone range without affecting other tone ranges.

What is s.n.a Technology?

"s.n.a" is an abbreviation of "Smart Nozzle Adjuster."

s.n.a is an acoustic structure which enables minor adjustments at the final manufacturing process by fixing an adjustment mechanism inside the nozzle, which could not be done in the past. This balances out the sound gap between left and right ears and creates a more precise sound.

Artio CR-V1: Quality Work in Japan

A titanium alloy, suitable material to reproduce a sound with a sense of speed is adopted for the front housing part, and by adopting a lightweight aluminum material excellent in acoustic characteristics for the body, a clear sound and a feeling of wearing without stress are secured.
Attached cable is removable. The highly reliable 2.5mm plug connection method is adopted for the connection part. proprietary spiral cable that is less likely to be tangled and has less cable core breakage, and has excellent durability. With thorough production control is performing precise quality control and balance adjustment by Made in JAPAN.

Artio CR-V1 Headphone


Driver unit φ10mm Dynamic
Sound method Closed type
Output sound pressure level 105 dBSPL /mW
Frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Max input 200 mW
Impedance 32 Ω
Mass Approx. 15.8g (without cable)
Cable Approx. 1.2m (Y type) / 3.5mm gold plated (L TYPE) OFC line spiral cable (2.5mm gold plated detachable plug for connection part)
  Approx. 1.2m (Y type) / 3.5mm gold plated (L TYPE) silver line spiral cable (2.5mm gold plated detachable plug for connection part)
Other accessories TYPE E ear tips SS, S, L, LL (M on product) , Ear hook, Carrying case, Manual instruction, Warranty card


Unboxing CR-V1

Artio CR-V1 Headphone

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