[NOTE] It will be released on May 9, 2019 12:00:00 PM (noon)

Saibikoho: High quality hairs selected from the finest goat's hair. The softness and smoothness is unlike any other material and will leave you entranced. You will love the way it feels almost as if the makeup just soaks into your skin and feel so natural. This material is rare and very valuable, so we have a limited stock. Don't miss this rare chance to get this set!

*There is a high chance that orders from China will be stopped in customs.
*Handle: The same pattern does not exist as one in the world as it uses natural materials. The colors are different, one by one.
*It might have a distinctive smell of the natural hair, but there is no problem with the quality.

[The Set Contains]
Powder Brush: Ideal for buffing finishing powder onto your face to set your foundation for a light coverage.

Blush Brush: Great for applying blush flawlessly, allowing a perfectly blended look. The medium, rounded head applies color to the apples of the cheeks softly.

Highlighting Brush: The tapered design makes it easy for you to apply and blend your product with perfect precision.

Eye Shadow Brush: This medium sized eyeshadow brush gives you a sheer wash of color, blending or contouring. It easily and expertly creates depth and definition. Accentuate contours or smudge color to create a softer look.

Tapered Eye Shadow Brush: Perfect size for applying or blending shadow into the crease and eyelid for a seamless finish. Also use the tip to buff liner shadow along lash line.The ultimate tool for creating perfectly framed and detailed eyes.

"Fude Bijin" Makeup Brush Shampoo (30ml): This gentle, lathering cleanser conditions the bristles and fibers, offering a soft finish. It is small size and compact to travel with.

BH-01 BISYODO Towel: Made with 20-count cotton thread, the special 3-layer gauze weave halves the amount of fabric in the center, creating a "2.5 layer gauze towel." When you finish using your brush, gently clean makeup from the tip by gliding the head of the brush on the towel. Or, after washing your brush, use the towel to gently remove moisture.