- The Beginning of CDJapan Beauty

There are two ways to manufacture makeup brushes in general.
First one is to cut the tip of brush and Second one is not to cut the tip of brush. We use latter way because we produce brushes that is super soft feel against your skin. 
Makeup brushes are requested for its tips narrow in order not to hurt skin.

We are offering Kumano makeup brushes which have lots of fans around the world.
Many of the brushes have been available in shops not only in Japan but also in the world, and a number of top makeup artists using the brushes is increasing.

These brushes, however, are originally manufactured for Japanese, so, for some people overseas, they might be rather short on the handle length or small on the size of the tip part.

Furthermore, prices of the products by Kumano brush brands are bit expensive for daily use.

We have received many comments from users such as:
"It could be better if we can use Kumano makeup brushes more casually."

CDJapan Beauty 美 is founded in 2014 to meet their needs:

Offering more user friendly Kumano makeup brushes at reasonable price to the people all over the world.

What is "CDJapan"?   What is "bi (美)"?


- About Craftsmen

All the Kumano makeup brushes are made by hands of skilled craftsmen in Kumano. "Dento Kogeishi (Traditional Craftsman)," which is only established to craftsmen with over 12 years of experience are creating fascinating products with inventive approaches. They are the people not only highly skilled but pursuing "assured quality" of the products with their techniques developed through making the brushes with the same procedure again and again.

With your own eyes and hands, make sure the "assured quality" of the products, which only such craftsmen can be achieved.

Used special bristles that craftsmen really accept to use.
It's impossible to manufacture high quality bruhses if the raw wool is not high quality in making brushes.
The brushes use only the natural hair without any synthetic one.
They select good raw wool and produce brushes using our special technique with history.
The hair is so soft that it feels like silk and you must be surprised at its softness and 

Since makeup brushes are directly contacting to the skin, the craftmen stick to make brushes with safety and cleanliness.

- High Accuracy Inspection

We have double check to keep quality of the brushes.
1st step: Craft center
2nd step: Pre-delivery inspection
We offer the brushes that craftsmen really accept to use.

 - Line Up