Here we are happy to announce the bestselling items in 2019 at CDJapan! In this chart, we have tallied up the numbers based on two simple rules:
  • Eligible items are products released between January 1st and December 31th, 2019
  • Sums up sales figure (as of November 27, 2019 / incl. pre-order) of editions/versions of the same title
Only in this special chart, the products will not be separately listed by its genre/format/category. All in all, this ranking is the real Battle Royale!

We will update this page weekly announcing 20 products each in descending order (100-81 . . . 40 - 21, 20 - 11, and . . . TOP10!), while we share your guesses through short vote games via our twitter (follow us!).

Hope you like it, and let's have fun until the year ends!

RANK 1-10

RANK 11-20

RANK 21-40

RANK 41-60

RANK 61-80

RANK 81-100

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