Everyone will be pleased with the light pink colored handle. This Blush brush has many uses. Not only for applying blush but also great for highlighter for nose and forehead.

It comes in a decent black box. The goat saikoho haie is soft and 
picks up eyeshadow product without having to swipe several times. Anyone can create gorgeous gradation eye makeup simply as the tip is angled.


When this brush touches the skin, it looks as if the fruit is wrapping the skin. This small pretty brush as if sent from the orchard, is best for applying highlighting under the eyes or blush on apple of cheeks.

It is the second batch of collaboration of CDJapan Beauty and the amazing artisans of KOYUDO. The handle is made of YAKUSUGI (Ancient Cedar Trees), 
delivering a pleasant scent of cedar. The same pattern of wooden handle does not exist as one in the world.
- Blush Brush with Yakusugi Handle

It comes in a decent black box. 
People who like roses will be pleased at the highest level with this rose shaped brush. The head is uniquely designed and crafted to form a perfect petal shape. It is a multi tasker brush for bronzing, blush & highlighting and face powder.

The wooden based handle is coated with transparent lacquer and wiped with cloth several times, this process, called Fuki-urushi (
拭漆) , is done to bring out the grain of the wooden material. That deep red handle is really beautiful and everyone will be impressed with it. Great for applying setting powder or finish powder.


We would like to recommend this set if you look for makeup brush to give to those who are not used to makeup or who usually do not makeup. The length of handles is shorter than regular brush, it is easy to use even for beginners. Comes with a pouch for travel.

The handle is made of high-grade wood, Ebony (Black), Hard Maple (White) and Pao Rosa (Red) by Kendama (bilboquet) craftsmen. The hair 
is soft, but not too flimsy so the foundation gets a really good cover over the face. It comes in a box which uses recycled paper from paper cranes placed in Hiroshima Memorial Park.

Gift Box