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eBooks FAQ

How do I read eBooks at CDJapan?

To use our eBooks store, you need to create a CDJapan account (free of charge), and download and install our free reader apps.

Where can I get the reader apps?

You can download the apps from the page below. Please select the apps that are compatible with your device.

>> Install App

I can not log into the reader app

[Neowing eBook Reader] is programmed to match the log in credentials depending on the language setting of your device. If your language setting is set for Japanese, the app will look up the log in credentials at Neowing--our website designed for domestic customers. Therefore if you are registered at CDJapan, you will not be able to log in if the language setting on your device is Japanese.

In order to log into [Neowing eBook Reader] with your device set up with Japanese, you need to temporarily change your language setting to another language than Japanese. With the language switched, you should be able to log in from [LOGIN TO CDJAPAN].

Once you have logged in, you can change your settings back to Japanese.
Even if you do so, your log in status will be maintained.

Note that even if the language setting of your device is switched to Japanese,
the language in the eBook will not change.

Where will my eBooks be stored?

All the eBooks you purchase at CDJapan will be stored on the cloud server that we host for an unlimited period of time. You can download them to your devices anytime, and they will be synced automatically across all your devices.

I can't find the ebooks I purchased in the apps.

Sign into your CDJapan customer account and view your order history. Click on the [Download] button indicated next to eBooks you purchased.

What happens when my eBooks are synced?

All current information, including the page you're reading, bookmarks, and marks are shared across all your devices, allowing you to enjoy your eBooks in the same way, without any interruption, on any device you register in your customer account.

So, is it possible to read my eBooks on more than one device?

[Neowing eBook Reader] can be used on maximum of 5 devices at a time.

Can I use the same account on a new device?

Yes, you can use the same account on a new device by registering the same email address and the password on the device.

For Neowing eBook Reader, if you already have 5 devices registered under 1 account, please deregister one of the devices first, then register a new device.

I purchased an eBook on my PC. Is it possible to read it on any other device I have?

Yes, because all your eBooks are stored on the cloud server, which is accessible from any device you register in your customer account. However, there are some eBooks that are only compatible with specific devices. In that case, it will be mentioned on the product details page.

How many times is it possible to download eBooks I've purchased onto my device?

They will be downloadable anytime, as many times as possible. However, some eBooks may be available for download only for a limited period of time. In that case, it will be mentioned in the product details page.

Is it possible to read the eBooks I got from CDJapan on other eBook reader that I already have?

No, it won't be possible. DRM (Digital Rights Management) is applied on all the ebooks sold on CDJapan, which will unable the files to be read on other reader apps. (DRM is a lock placed on the file to protect the files from illegal use such as copying.)

Do I need Internet connection to read eBooks?

After you download them onto your device, you can read them offline.

What is safe search?

Safe Search is a tool that filters contents that may be deemed to be unsafe for kids. By default, the Safe Search level is set to [Medium]. If you prefer to filter any expression that my potentially be violent or sexual, set the level to [High]. To view all contents, turn off Safe Search.

Do you offer any newsmail subscription or alert for eBooks?

At this point, it's not available.

Are all publications published on eBooks the same as regular printed books and magazines?

Basically, they are the same, but there may be slight differences because publishers may decide to edit them differently, and also because copy right holders sometimes permit publishers to publish their works such as photography and illustration only in a specific format. Similarly, magazine issues on eBooks may not have all articles, ads, images, photography, or special features included.

Is it possible to cancel any purchase?

It won't be possible to cancel any purchase of eBook, and we do not accept refund.

I uninstalled the app by mistake. What should I do?

After you download and install the app again, sign into your customer account, then it will be synced automatically.

System Requirements

What devices are compatible with the apps?

  • iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

    OS: iOS 10.0 or later version

  • Android Phone and Tablet

    OS: Android 6.0 or later version

Is it possible to use eBook Reader on Windows PC?

Windows PC version of the viewer has been developed only in Japanese, and it is compatible only with PC that has Japanese fonts. So, we highly recommend you to use your mobile devices. Also, Macintosh version of the viewer has not been developed at this point.

    • OS: Windows 8.1 or later version compatible with Japanese
    • Browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 or later version. FireFox 4.0 or later version
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo running at 1.60 GHz or greater

Download Neowing eBook Reader for Windows PC

Customer Account

Create Your Account

Click on the [Create Account] button under [Customer Account] to create your customer account. For more information visit the Customer Account section in CDJapan Help.

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and JCB), and PayPal. It is also possible to pay for eBooks with CDJapan Coin.

What's CDJapan Coin?

CDJapan Coin is a prepaid online coin equivalent in value to Japanese yen, that may be used to purchase eBooks available at CDJapan.

Extra coins are offered for a purchase of over 1,000 coins. So, if you plan to read eBooks regularly, we recommend CDJapan Coin to save!

CDJapan Coin Price List and Extra Points
PriceCDJapan Coins
1,000yen1,030 Coins (30 extra coins)
2,000yen2,100 Coins (100 extra coins)
3,000yen3,150 Coins (150 extra coins)
5,000yen5,300 Coins (300 extra coins)
10,000yen10,800 Coins (800 extra coins)
100yen100 Coins

Where can I buy CDJapan Coin?

It available at the following page:Purchase CDJapan Coin

Where can I check My CDJapan Coin?

You can check it there: [Account]>[CDJapan Coin]

Is there any expiration date?

CDJapan Coin is valid only for 6 months. After it expires, no refund or credit is offered.

Is there a max amount of CDJapan Coin I can have?

It is not possible to exceed 100,000 coins.

Can CDJapan Coins converted into cash or any other form of money or Frequent Shopper Points that CDJapan offers?

That is not possible under any circumstance, and refund is not possible, either.

What's Frequent Shopper Points?

What's Frequent Shopper Points?

As a part of the CDJapan Rewards, we credit your customer account with points that you may redeem when you place your order again later. You save the same amount from your purchase as the amount of points you redeem. Each point is worth 1 Japanese yen for purchasing at CDJapan.

Is it possible to redeem Frequent Shopper Points when purchasing eBooks?

Yes, it is. Proceed to checkout and until you are on the [Order Summary] page. There, click on the [Edit] button next to where it says "Redeem Points."

Do I earn Frequent Shopper Points by purchasing eBooks?

Yes, the Frequent Shopper Points are offered for the majority of eBooks. Please refer to the product page to view the actual amount offered on each eBook.

How to Read eBooks

How can I read eBooks I purchase?

You need to install [Neowing eBook Reader] preferably on your mobile device and log in using your CDJapan customer account.

An eBook I purchase doesn't work on my device. Why?

There are some eBooks restricted to be compatible only with specific device. In that case, it will be mentioned in the product details page.

I was disconnected while I was downloading an eBook. What happens to my purchase?

Don't worry, because you can download eBooks you purchase any number of times. Try again when your Internet connection is stable.

I deleted an eBook from my bookshelf by mistake? What should I do.

For Neowing eBook Reader, sign into your CDJapan customer account and view your order history. Click on the [Download] button indicated next to eBooks you purchased.

I was unable to add an eBook I purchased. Why?

It may be because your Internet connection was interrupted. Sign into your CDJapan customer account and view your order history. Click on the [Download] button indicated next to eBooks you purchased.

How to use eBook Reader

For more information about Reader Apps visit this page.