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Hey! Say! JUMP Extra Points Offer from May 25 NOON til June 8 *This offer is over

Final Results

Hey! Say! JUMP (1737)
NEWS (1025)
ARASHI (865)
SixTONES (482)
Johnny's West (459)

Total: 5660

Hey! Say! JUMP Extra Points Offer til June 8 *This offer is over

Poll Page

Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Groups [2020 Poll GW Special]
*The submission period is over.

Submission Period

Between May 5 2020 through May 20, 2020 (Japan Standard Time UST+9)

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Intermediate Results

1st Intermediate Result May 13

1st Intermediate Result Apr 30
ARASHI (412)
Hey! Say! JUMP (283)
SixTONES (89)
NEWS (79)

Total: 1237

2nd Intermediate Result May 18

2nd Intermediate Result
Hey! Say! JUMP (900)
NEWS (621)
ARASHI (566)
SixTONES (245)
KAT-TUN (208)

Total: 3093

3rd Intermediate Result May 19

3rd Intermediate Result
Hey! Say! JUMP (1263)
ARASHI (695)
NEWS (691)
SixTONES (346)
KATTUN (287)

Total: 3886

4th Intermediate Result May 20

4th Intermediate Result
Hey! Say! JUMP (1489)
NEWS (977)
ARASHI (794)
SixTONES (475)
KAT-TUN (350)

Total: 4971

Hot Comments from Voters


This group mean a lot for me, thanks to them I found a place where I could be myself, I have friends worldwide, I’m amazed by concerts even if I can’t go, I can laugh truly by watching their Tv shows, and I can learn even more about Japan. I wish I can soon have the chance to visit Japan and buy by myself goodies (not only about Arashi) but I’m glad CD Japan and others Proxy services exist, I’m thanksful! Without you, it will be frustrating and not the same.

Lilisan31 from France

On Hey! Say! JUMP

They are funny and cool. They're that shining idol yet they feel close like ur classmate. They haven't stop challenging new things and conquering their fear and become the lights for their fans.

Mechakucha from Indonesia


This group is such a fighter! They they throw their heart and soul and passion into everything they’ve given their fans, despite all the hardships they’ve been through. They’re an amazing group and I’m proud to have been a Hyphen for over 10 years.
Meno from USA


I think music wise they are the best band. Always going for a next level so fast. They lift my mood everytime I watch them
Hester from Germany


They've just debuted last January but I can already say that they are gonna be the next superstars. Idols that can do everything because they're so talented and can do any genre. Every member has its own amazing Visuals that cam attract both boys and girls. Even when they're barefaced, they look really handsome
Geraldine from Philippines

On Naniwa Danshi

As a Kansai group, they can be really funny but also have that kira kira idol concept. They give off so much radiance and chrisma. With members who is a baseball otaku and genius at comedy, lovable leader with beautiful singing voice, the ACE of Kansai Jr. who is the only Johnnys that have been on NHK Asa Drama twice, a natural born idol captivating you with his cuteness, a baka ikemen who's actually soft inside, the next blooming actor with a beautiful face, and the future fashion designer of the group. I cannot stop loving them.
Nin from United States

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