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Intermediate Results
King & Prince Discount Offer til FEB 2 NOON *Offer is Over

Final Results

Johnny's POLL FINAL Results
King & Prince: 31341
SixTONES: 15114
NEWS: 5075
Snow Man: 1332
HiHi Jets: 883

Total: 56872
The crown of the king goes to . . . King & Prince!

In commemoration of this, we've started a discount offer for the products from the king.
Don't forget to do the never ending share > like > comment > share . . .
To notify everyone that the new kingdom has come.

King & Prince Discount Offer til FEB 2 NOON

Poll Page

*Poll is over. Thank you. Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Groups [2020-2021 Poll]

Submission Period

Between DEC 29 2020 through JAN 15, 2021 (Japan Standard Time UST+9)

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Intermediate Results

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