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Final Results

  • KANJANI8 (4180)
  • NEWS (1159)
  • ARASHI (1099)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP (607)
  • Johnny's West (510)


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Between December 25 2018 through January 16, 2019 (Japan Standard Time UST+9)

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2018 Top Selling Johnny's Items STILL Available to Order

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Intermediate Results

Intermediate Result (Dec 28 17:00PM Japan Time Updated)

  • KANJANI8 (1747)
  • ARASHI (799)
  • NEWS (380)

Intermediate Result (JAN 7 17:30PM Japan Time Updated)

  • KANJANI8 (3708)
  • NEWS (981)
  • ARASHI (930)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP (481)
  • KAT-TUN (302)

Intermediate Result (JAN 10 17:30PM Japan Time Updated)

  • KANJANI8 (3818)
  • NEWS (1058)
  • ARASHI (988)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP (565)
  • Johnny's West (346)

Intermediate Result (JAN 15 14:30PM Japan Time Updated)

  • KANJANI8 (4056)
  • NEWS (1154)
  • ARASHI (1029)
  • Hey! Say! JUMP (591)
  • Johnny's West (508)

Hot Comments


They’re deserved, one of JE talent’s boyband who can do the great perfromance in music and they’re also well known as a group of boys having sense of humor :)

DEC 25 Pla from Thailand


I just knew about them. Yeah Arashi. They've been an idol for 20years and I just found out about them. Their godly good song should never be ignored especially their B-side tracks in their released albums. Love them^^

DEC 25 mira from Malaysia


Life wouldn't be the same without them. They are my ultimate happiness.

DEC 25 Reni from Hungary


Fan since 2010. To me Arashi are life-savers and mood-makers. They are everything; companions, friends, virtual shoulders to cry on, and the people who will cheer me on. All through their music and soothing presence on tv or concerts. Let's hope they make it to their 30th year!!

JAN 1 Avadiablo from The Netherlands


NEWS has always been the group that I believe resonates with my personality the most. Their songs are inspiration to me. Massu, Kei-chan, Tegoshi, Shige and the fans are like my family, friends and lovers all rolled into one solid group, so THANK YOU NEWS FOR EVERY THING!

JAN 5 Bon-chan from Philippines

On Hey! Say! JUMP

I have been supporting them since their debut in 2007. It is amazing to grow alongside with the members and overseeing how each of them are doing their best in everything. I'll definitely continue to support them and hope to catch their live tour in Japan soon!

JAN 7 aridaimarion from Singapore


KAT-TUN the best and it's FOREVER.

JAN 1 KuOly from Russia


Kanjani8 helped me through the hardest time of my life almost fo 10 years. They like second family that cherish you and rise you up when you feel down.

JAN 9 wagahay from Russia

On Hey! Say! JUMP

They are hands down the best Johnny’s group. I love other johnnys as well but hey! Say! JUMP is number one. I hope they do global tour!

JAN 10 Nico from United States

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