As of May 14, 2020 17:00PM (Japan Standard Time UTC+9), we temporarily reduced the shipping charges of DHL and FedEx for packages over 2,000g by approximately 20%.

With this discount, shipping costs for large products applicable with dimensional weight charge such as figures will become more affordable.

Amid recent suspensions of EMS, Airmail and SAL, DHL & FedEx continue regular service. So, we also started offering a promotion to encourage our customers to use DHL & FedEx as detailed below.

We hope the discount and offer will be helpful for you.

DHL / FedEx Shipping Charge Discount FAQ

Q. Will my order qualify for this discount?

Orders newly placed after May 14th 17:00PM (Japan Standard Time) will qualify.
If you have ordered before this time but added a product to your order during the eligible period which made your order exceed 2,000g, your order will qualify for the approximately 20% off shipping charge.

You can confirm the date/time of when your order was placed from your customer account.

Q. My order is being returned / has been returned to CDJapan as my shipping method was suspended. I am currently waiting for it to be re-shipped. Will this discount apply to such pending orders?

If you have already asked us to change your shipping method before May 14th 17:00PM either by email or from your customer account, and have already received confirmation that your shipping method has changed, we regret to say that the discount will not take effect to such orders.

For orders that receive emails from us regarding "Shipping Method Change Request" after May 14th 17:00PM will qualify for the discount.

Q. Why is the discount only offered for packages over 2,000g?

We started offering DHL and FedEx for bulky items such as figures from April 17, 2020, however, DHL and FedEx requires a dimensional weight fee to ship large items, which makes the shipping charge relatively expensive.

As most packages applicable for the dimensional weight fee are over 2,000g, we started this discount as a measure to specifically help reduce the economic burden for orders over 2,000g.

We will continue to consider offering discounts for other orders including packages under 2,000g, however for now, we hope to support customers using DHL or FedEx whose orders are below 2,000g, by offering points and coupons.

Q. How do I find out the weight of my package?

You can confirm how heavy your order is by using our shipping charge calculator placed on the right hand of our shopping cart. Note that if your order requires a dimensional weight fee, it will also be shown there.

Extra Rewards Points Offer Details (Ends on May 31st) *Expired

DHL FedEx Promotion
  • Select DHL/FedEx as the shipping method with a purchase over 10,000JPY to be eligible for up to 1,300 rewards points giveaway.
  • Your CDJapan customer account will be credited with limited-time extra 500 points on the first business day of the next month your order ships out.
  • In regard to regular extra reward points for purchase over 5,000JPY, we will credit your account with them 4 days after your order is shipped as usual.
  • Customers may enjoy this promotion for all eligible orders placed during the offer period between May 15, 2020 and May 31, 2020 (UTC+9).

Terms and Conditions

  • It does not matter how long it takes your order to be shipped.
  • The extra bonus points from this promotion will be credited to you in addition to the regular Rewards Points we normally offer.
  • Your order details page and order confirmation mail will only state the regular points you earn from your order, and bonus points from this promotion will not be included in the "Points you earn" section.
  • Only the total price of items in each of your order (excl. shipping and handling charges) that is actually shipped is considered.
  • You agree that this promotion does not apply if the total price of items in your order becomes less than 10,000JPY as a result of cancellation of any item for any reason, including unexpected cancellations due to low availability.
  • It's not possible to earn points for the portion of the total price of the product paid by redeeming points. (e.g.) If you redeem 1,000 points to an order with a subtotal of 10,000JPY, you will receive 300 bonus points. (10,000 - 1,000 = 9,000 => 300 points)
  • Do not use the "Check out with PayPal" button because it's designed specifically for people who prefer to shop without creating the customer account. This promotion won't apply if this button is used to place the order.
  • Extra bonus points expire in 90 days after they are credited.
  • Orders for eBooks are not eligible for this offer.