How to Be Featured?

  1. Follow one of our social page accounts: Twitter or Instagram.  

  2. Take a picture of the anything you've purchased from CDJapan.
    *No matter when you've made the purchase.

  3. With the hashtag #CDJapanHaul, post it on your social page timeline (Twitter or Instagram).
  5. It's done!
    Your post will automatically:
    be featured on a special listing page at CDJapan.

    *Malicious entries and or prohibited contents will be filtered out off this event. Please see the Offer Agreements at the bottom of this page for more details.
  6. 2 Tips to the Great Post

    • Give photo(s) captions to make them enjoyable & memorable.
    • Would be greatly appreciated if CDJapan, CDJapan logo and or the green slips inside the package can be featured.

    Offer Agreement & Notes

    • If other individuals are featured in your photo, please make sure permissions are acquired prior posting
    • The user is solely responsible for his/her own posts, CDJapan will deny any responsibility for the contents featured on our page
    • The following contents are prohibited and will instantly illegitimize your entry:  
      1. Any contents that violate this agreement or interfere this offer's operation.
      2. Any contents that smears, slanders, or defames any specific individual or organization.
      3. Any contents that will or may violate public order and standards of decency.
      4. Any contents that violate terms of the social network service you used to participate this offer.
    • CDJapan (Neowing Corporation) shall not be held liable in any way for the user inability to participate in this event regardless of the circumstances
    • We reserve the right to amend the provisions of this agreement at any time without the consent of the applicants and the applicants shall agree to such amendment.
    • By inserting the #CDJapanHaul into your post, you are accepting the above agreements and advised that your post may be featured on a public page.
    • Several products are not able to be featured on the listing due to restrictions of rights (ex. Johnny's artists on magazine covers).

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