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We offer extra 300 rewards points on orders over 5,000JPY made via CDJapan APP only thru. JAN 13th! (Total price of items excluding shipping & other extra charges is considered)

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  • Customers may enjoy this promotion as many times as their orders apply during the offer period (between January 9, 2020 and January 13, 2020 UTC+9).
  • The bonus points from this promotion will be credited to you in addition to the regular Rewards Points we normally offer.
  • Your order details page and order confirmation mail will only state the regular points you earn from your order, and bonus points from this promotion will not be included in the "Points you earn" section.
  • It's not possible to earn points for the portion of the total price of the product paid for by redeeming points. (e.g.) If you redeem 1,000 points to an order with a subtotal of 5,000JPY, you will not receive extra rewards points. (5,000JPY - 1,000 points = 4,000JPY => 0 bonus point)
  • DO NOT use the "Check out with PayPal" button because it's designed specifically for people who prefer to shop without creating the customer account. This promotion won't apply if this button is used to place the order.
  • Your customer account will be credited with bonus points from this promotion by the end of February.
  • Bonus points expire in 30 days after they are credited.
  • eBooks are exceptions.

What You Can Do with CDJapan App

1. Notifications

Receive notifications whenever new products and offers in categories of your interest become available.
  • Your favorite artists/series
  • Your favorite departments & categories
  • Sales and promotions

*You can view your notifications in the past one month in "Your Notifications" in menu (Ver.1.0.1 or later).

2. Customize the menu

Choose your favorite departments to appear in your menu of the app and modify their display order as you like.

select menu modify display order

3. Easy access to official promotional videos and audio samples


4. Your customer account, CDJapan rewards points, bookmarks you have at CDJapan web site are useable in the app, too.

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