With a purchase of a "White Mushroom Brush," you can get a "Zippered Kabuki (Mushroom) Brush Case" as offer bonus in a limited quantity of 50 pieces. Keep your "White Mushroom Brush" protected during travel with this case. Fits most kabuki (Mushroom) brush sizes.

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Begins from April 04, 2014 06:59:59PM (Japan Standard Time GMT+9) and will continue while the bonus supply lasts (50 pieces).

Customer Reviews "White Mushroom Brush"

Worth It!      5
This is the perfect finishing brush for me. The goat hair is one of the softest I've ever felt. This brush is worth every penny and if anything were to ever happen to it, I'd order a replacement right away. 

Sensually soft brush!      5
This brush is so soft, it feels creamy. Wonderful size for a powder brush with good control, not too big or sloppy. Will not fling powder or spray it into your hair. I love the softest brushes and this is in that category. Great size for traveling too. Very highly recommend!

Why so popular?

"Very Dense & Soft" bristles are the big feature of this brush.

The bristles are white color made of the highest quality of goat hair "Saikoho". (細光峰)
It's super soft goat on the skin. You will be astonished to feel how soft and dense the bristles are, and will feel comforted with using a brush made of this hair! 
The dense bristles make it easy to apply your (Mineral) powder foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter. 

It has a  black metal handle (wooden) which gives it a very elegant and professional look.

This is compact and can be carried around with you easily.
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Super Soft, Very Densely Packed Bristles.....

Info of "Zippered Kabuki (Mushroom) Brush Case"

Size: 80x50x50 (mm)

*This offer is over.