What is Yoshiki?

- wonders from the softest and most fulfilling touches -

'Yoshiki' is the latest master-made experience from the worldwide acclaimed Koyudo collection. Named after its legendary craftsman and founder of Koyudo - Mr. Fujimori (alias: Yoshiki) Uematsu.

The Yoshiki collection is comprised of two distinct series of brushes:

The flagship black (KURO) handle powder brush is the handcrafted by the master - Yoshiki himself, using saibikoho (細微光峰), the rarest and finest goat hair available, promising uncompromised softness, quality and functionality.

The white (SHIRO) handles is a catalog of brushes produced by Yoshiki. Made from high quality Saihoko goat hair, they offer a great variety, master-grade quality, at an affordable price.


Full Length
approx. 161mm
Hair Length
approx. 45mm
Hair Thickness (on avg, before wash)
approx. 15mm
Ferrule width (maximum)
approx. 30mm

KURO Yoshiki Power Brush

Saibikoho brush is often criticised for being impractical, given such softness is proven difficult to pick up the right amount of products. Hence, customers are often recommended to make compromises between comfort and practicality, depending on their skin type.

However, drawing from a wealth of experience in crafting both makeup and calligraphy brushes, Yoshiki was able to innovate beyond this limitation. Made from the same materials, Yoshiki powder brush is significantly more elastic in comparison to other brushes of the same caliber. At the same time, it retains the softness that saibikoho is known for, bringing the best of both worlds, giving you the softest and most fulfilling touches.

Hair type/Softness

Saibikoho: 9/10

Grabbing Power





Powder Brush (black) Front
Powder Brush (black) Back
Powder Brush (black) Sideview
Powder Brush (black) Closeup (Hair)

Momiji Edition
Sakura Edition
Powder Brush (Momiji)
Powder Brush (Sakura)

Powder Brush

Full length approx. 175mm
Hair Length approx. 49mm
Hair Thickness approx. 31mm

Foundation Brush (Momiji)
Foundation Brush (Sukura)

Foundation Brush

Full Length approx. 163mm
Hair Length approx. 37mm
Hair Thickness approx. 22mm

Round Blush Brush (Momiji)
Round Blush Brush (Sakura)

Round Blush Brush

Full Length approx. 160mm
Hair Length approx. 34mm
Hair Thickness approx. 18mm

Angled Blush Brush (Momiji)
Angled Blush Brush (Sakura)

Angled Blush Brush

Full Length approx. 160mm
Hair Length approx. 28-35mm
Hair Thickness approx. 20mm

Tapered Blush Brush (Momiji)
Tapered Blush Brush (Sakura)

Tapered Blush Brush

Full Length approx. 166mm
Hair Length approx. 40mm
Hair Thickness approx. 20mm

Eyeshadow Brush (Momiji)
Eyeshadow Brush (Sakura)

Eyeshadow Brush

Full Length approx. 160mm
Hair Length approx. 15mm

Pencil Brush (Momiji)
Pencil Brush (Sakura)

Pencil Brush

Full Length approx. 159mm
Hair Length approx. 15mm


Yoshiki - The Craftsman

Fujimori Uematsu was born in Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan's 'brush capital'. He is one of a few elite craftsmen who could master the ancient 'Tenpyouhitsu' technique - Japan's most perplexed and intricate style of calligraphy brushes. These brushes were considered a luxury only fit for a royal audience in the ancient times and is frequently presented as offerings to the emperor of Japan during the Nara period...Read more