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I love this single, especially the cover!!! I don't get why some people don't like it! I love it! I really like the atmosphere of the pv, it's so dark and beautiful~ Hizaki's Solo song, "Desert Apple" impressed me the most. I love how it's sounds weird to me in the beginning but it slowly immersed to a beautiful solo. I love the transition in the song <3

Amazing 5

It´s an amazing work all along the single, 3 songs that mark this single, and the impressive work of Hizaki is undeniable

Nice version, great single!! 4

I think both Philia and Judicial Noir are great songs. Of the 3 songs Philia is the perfect one for advertising the CD but Philia's PV needs to transmit more energy also judicial noir too. Desert apple is not being well accepted by some fans. Although it's atmosphere is weird I liked it sometimes is necessary to experiment with other styles so you can see how fans' preference is. But I prefere Versailles' old instrumentals that makes them outstanding; A symphonic metal band. Poster is beautiful , I'll paste it in my room so everybody can see it. Their outfits are amazing, the best ones so far I loved them. Kamijo, Hizaki, Teru, Masashi and Yuki are beautiful like always. It was a great idea to do Type A and Type B. I'm disappointed of trading card it's too simple. Type B CD's cover could be better =/ Versailles is still my favorite band and I hope they come to Mexico again. I'm happy with the CD :D

Both Good and Ugly 4

All of the songs were written by Hizaki this time, but I think they were all pretty good and definately a great improvement from the Destiny single and from a few songs on Jubilee. It was better than I expected after some let-downs. Philia is hard to take seriously after hearing it play in their new TV show, but it's still good. XD Judicial Noir is pretty neat, kind of like the older stuff moreso than Philia. Desert Apple was unexpected. It's really something pretty unique for Versailles, so it's nice to have something like that occassionally. I think for me, the closest thing to it so far is Glowing Butterfly. The poster is pretty nice, but not one of their best. I haven't put mine up yet, but seeing it online, it's not that fantastic. I don't like Kamijo nor Masashi's hair so much, I don't like Hizaki's pose, and I don't like that "under the ground" look, either. But it's not a bad poster. I very much dislike that Versailles are now acting as walking billboards for AatP by wearing the outfits on both this CD cover and in the PV. It is destroying their image and theme. The PV is by far their worst so far. VERY dissappointed. I always loved their PVs until now. The outfits also made the trading cards ugly, too. I hope they never advertise so much like this again. Music: 4 stars Poster: 3 stars Trading card: 2 stars CD cover: 1 star (the back cover looks a little better, though) PV: 2 stars

amazing versailles 5

amazing songs,there awsome. i liked it from the very beginning. they did it again. i look foreward to ther concerts i hope they will come to the netherlands again.

Towards a new direction. 5

Philia is the latest try from Versailles to pull their limits and go further with their music. Fully composed by HIZAKI, the single includes two powerful songs and a instrumental track. Philia is a melodic song which is also very much focused on the instrumental part. The solos are incredibly inspired, the guitar work in general is amazing. Judicial Noir is a dark, heavy song with reminiscences of old Versailles and HIZAKI grace project music. Desert Apple is a peculiar instrumental track which will not let anyone indifferent: the usage of synths and guitar distortion, mixed with calm guitar melodies create a strange atmosphere. Limited Edition Type B includes a DVD with a very nice surprise, as there is not only the Philia PV inside, but a bit of a story too. The first press bonuses such as the poster and the reversible trading card are a good add. Overall, an amazing single. For sure, worth buying.

Great single 5

The single "Philia" was great, people may even surprise some tunes at first, until you think them bad, but it is a matter of getting used to the songs. The sound of the single itself is different from previous single, but should be a great single doi Versailles.

Critical 3

I'm disappointed of single :/. Philia is very good, the solos are beautiful. Judicial is like Libido, the lyrics are repeated over and the chorus. Desert Apple, Instrumale first song where I'm disappointed, perhaps because it's innovative, I don't know. I encourage Versailles produce again beautiful song that resembles them. But Versailles stay my favory band !!! :D I'm still impatient to receive the single :).


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