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Game [Regular Edition] Customer Reviews


Great Music 5

This group classifies themselves as a techno-pop group and I can definitely see that there is techno elements in their music. They are very upbeat and I enjoy most of the songs on this album. I would recommend giving this album a chance if you are thinking about it.

Perfume!!! 5

I absolutely adore this CD!!! It totally deserved to hit #1 on the Oricon over in Japan. I only wish we had music like this in the US.... I love practically every single track on this album! It's a highly reccomended buy.

Erekuroronikku Hime! 5

Perfume are absolutely amazing when it comes to their Electronic Pop music! Their are fresh, new and have exactly the perfect sound of modern day Japanese Music!

its the game 5

this is the best album from perfume is simply perfect n cute ^.^ ,i get it very fast its a keeper you must buy this one

Perfect Game! 5

A longtime Perfume fan, I found this album to be awesome, you can tell how they've matured musically and the booklet is very pretty!

Best Perfume yet!! 5

GAME is perfume's best selling album! Number 3# on the world charts!!! I love the photobook also.. - jess

Game Perfume Album 5

This is a great soundtrack for all the fans of these girls. It`s true that the CD emphasizes more in the musical rhythm than the lirics of songs, but still yet it`s a great new album. My favorite songs are: Plastic smile, Chocolate disco and Ceramic girl, but Secret secret and Butterfly have a great success too. The covers of both albumes are really good, too. For me the best is the limited edition instead have brings the videos for Polyrhythm, Seven heaven, Macaroni and Ceramic girl. I`m so sad that I not reach to get this version but regular edition have beautiful pictures too.


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