Rettou Gekishin Angya Final 2003 5 Ugly KINGDOM Customer Reviews

Dir en grey

Awesome 5

a great show, they're great ! Toshiya's so hot in this one <3333 They sing most of my favorite songs !!

Welcome to my Ugly Kingdom 5

This is a very very energetic concert, even more so than the other DVD's, in my opinion. This was recorded during their 5 Ugly Kingdom Tour, promoting their album Kisou and their latest EP Six Ugly. As such, all of Six Ugly's songs are played, and quite a few from Kisou such as Gyakujoutannou Keloidmilk, Twentyfour Cylinders, Zomboid, -kigan- and Filth. Also, they play some older songs like [KR] Cube, Ain't Afraid to Die, and the previously unreleased (with exception from two old VHS clip collections) KARMA, which is brilliant and up-tempo. I simple adore the way the concert ends with Rasetsukoku, a perfect ending. <3 They also play a few songs from Vulgar singles like Drain Away and Child Prey. As with the Vulgar[ism] DVD, Child Prey isn't as good as on the album, but I think it's better than on Vulgar[ism]. With a few softer songs and a lot of rocking ones, and a very energetic live show, and with Kyo wearing a furcoat and a cowboy hat in the beginning (Yee-haw!), this is a wise purchase for most Dir En Grey fans. Unfortunately the DVD cover is black with the text printed in dark indigo/grey, so it's only decently readable when exposed to light.

awesome! 5

This concert is brilliant , it's got a great variety of songs on it.. although im sad they didn't perform Embryo. The ain't afraid to die performance is beautiful! this is a fantastic dvd for fans who enjoy the albums Kisou and Six ugly as that is what this tour was promoting! overall fantastic dvd,

good extras, huge venue, a joy to watch 5

The concert was great --the crowd, the band, etc. I really enjoyed watching Diru play in Yokohama Arena! Plus the extras are nice~

F**cking AWESOME. 5

It was so nice to see Kyo smiling and laughing instead of the usual mutilating himself routine. It definately made my day when I first watched it. My favourite performances was Child prey, HADES, umbrella, -mushi-, and KR cube. The clips were also hilarious. I think this is the best tour Dir en grey has ever done, and if you've never seen Dir en grey live before, this is a good DVD to start with.

Best Dir en grey dvd ever. 5

If I had to pick a single dvd that sums up Dir en grey, this would be it. So full of energy and an excellent performance. The band seemed to have as good of a time as the fans and the range of songs they played was awesome. They even added a few indies songs, and the performance of ain't afraid to die was flawless.

Perfect <3 5

Amazing performances~Umbrella, [KR] cube, mushi, and Ain't Afraid to Die are my favourites. There are also some extras (like the Shinya/Totchi pistachio ice cream clip thing and the one with the duck head soup) though I have watched all these on youtube countless numbers of times it was so nice to have them all big and clear on my TV. =3

Last DVD With Older Songs 5

This is a Dir en grey concert before the release of "Vulgar". They play very good songs most from "Kisou". All concert DVD's after this one have no songs from their albums "Missa" - "Kisou". The intro "G.D.S." was very surprising to me, very nice!!

Great, simpy great! 5

A great concert from Dir en grey, covering most material from 'Kisou' and 'six Ugly'. The whole band's in great shape from beginning till end. I was very surprised at the relaxed camera work. Of course it does get crazy every once in a while, but very in-synch with the music. Even though I'm used to the stylized fast cutting, it was a nice change to be able to see a little better what was going on. The music is extremely well performed. Just going through my mind real quick, JESSICA, FILTH and -mushi- were amazing! It was a pleasent surprise to hear them perform WAZA as well, but I was so blown away by their excellent performance of ain't afraid to die, such a beautiful song! Once this concert gets going, there's no stopping until it's over! Great, simply great! If anyone in my neighbourhood wanted a relaxed evening when I was watching this, I can only pity those souls. Be sure to enjoy this LOUD AS HELL!!!

Great Experience 5

This live show is a great experience for Dir en Grey's fans. I love "ain't afraid to die". This dvd is a master piece for a collector.

Rocku. 5

Oye. If you want to buy a DEG dvd, purchase this one. It's a must to add to your collection. Rather fun to watch repeatedly, especially since they peformed quite a few of my favorite songs. Old school Dir en grey is love.


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