Features the dome tour held by EXILE, "STAR OF WISH" in 2018 and 2019. They performed six tracks by EXILE FRIDAY, "Heads or Tails," "Ki mi ni mu chu," new song and more for 36 songs in total. Deluxe edition also includes a documentary on the tour. *This is a "Sumapura Movie" compatible product, which enables you to listen to and view the contents on a mobile device in addition to Blu-ray players. [Recommended System Requirements] iOS7/Android4.0 or later. *This service expires two years after the release date. [Important Notes for "Sumapura Music" & "Sumapura Movie" compatible product] No refund is possible after this product is sent. The record company has designed and optimized "Sumapura Music" & "Sumapura Movie" for the market within Japan and registration at "Sumapura" site, available only in Japanese language, is required. They do not guarantee that it works outside of Japan.